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We have changed company name and have moved into The Boffin Lab. Please head over there to find out what we have been up to.

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Our apps are still available

Postcode Atlas

Postcode Atlas for Apple iPad is for recording, organising and analysing data relating to Postcodes. This powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) includes the complete, award winning, XYZ Digital Map Company Postcode Area, District and Sector map series for the United Kingdom, the equivalent of 30 A0 size maps sheets all conveniently stored on your iPad.

Visit the Postcode Atlas website here.

Available on iTunes

App Icon | Stroke Builder from Hemingsby Limited and TheTriLife

Stroke Builder

Stroke Builder from thetrilife.com is the definitive guide to swimming front crawl and correcting faults using swimming drills. The app features videos narrated by Great Britain Olympic triathlon coach Dan Salcedo. It is an invaluable tool for developing swimmers and coaches alike.

Visit the Stroke Builder website.

Available on iTunes

App Icon | Time To Roast

Time to Roast

Calculate the cooking time for your Sunday roast by simply entering the weight of the meat into our Time to Roast app for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Quickly see the temperature and cooking times, read the easy to follow instructions or use the alarms to remind you when everything needs doing.

Visit the Time to Roast website here.

Available on iTunes